Tamer captured the interest of a culturally diversified set of employees over a series of six lectures on healthy eating. I was surprised at the level of follow up by the employees and the continued support from Tamer. More importantly two employees lost a considerable amount of weight and are now enjoying wearing more fashionable and trendy clothes to admiration of the others. We all enjoyed Tamer’s amusing style and depth of knowledge. I would highly recommend him as an expert on nutrition and fitness.

Mark Macfee
CEO Global Directories

In 2012 we hired Tamer as a Wellness Consultant and Workplace Wellness Speaker to participate in the Generali Worldwide Health Camp in the Cayman Islands. Tamer engaged our clients in talks that they still remember and really connected them with the power that they have to live in wellness.

I was so impressed with Tamer that I hired him to be my personal wellness coach in January 2013. Tamer worked with me for a period of over 3 months and helped me to learn about my body. I now love exercise and get really excited about eating clean and I’ve gone down two dress sizes, in large part due to the huge lessons I learned and breakthroughs I had during the time of working with Tamer.

I would recommend Tamer to anyone who wants to get a handle on their fitness without feeling like they are being manhandled, and anyone who wants to really feel empowered around food and their health.

Annikki Brown
Country Manager at Generali Worldwide | Professional Coach at The Be Coaching Group

I met with Tamer, one on one and within an hour, I had answers and a sustainable game plan. I was looking for a different approach to an ongoing health issue, and didn’t feel comfortable going with the standard recommendations from numerous health practitioners. I knew there had to be a better, healthier way and that required me thinking a little differently. I would highly recommend Tamer to anyone who feels overwhelmed with all the contradictory information out there. I was expecting numerous consultations and the value I received from one consultation was all I needed to correct my issues, and more.

Genevieve Georgiades CA (SA)
Vice President / Account Executive, Kensington Management Group, Ltd

We have greatly enjoyed our classes with Tamer and have been inspired by his enthusiasm and approach to Holistic Nutrition. Tamer presented a cooking class in our home and organized a chef to prepare a meal for our guests using only locally sourced ingredients. It was a great success and our group enjoyed a fantastically delicious meal whilst learning to source fresh produce from Cayman farmers and fishermen. We have attended a couple of cooking classes at studio kitchens organized by Tamer and local chefs and it is has definitely inspired us towards a more healthy way of eating, using local produce as much as possible and doublechecking the ingredients list on supermarket products. Tamer’s knowledge, experience and passion is inspirational and we recommend him for a healthy lifestyle and holistic nutrition.

Jane & Andrew Moon

We experienced one of the best cooking courses lead by a very informative chef and enthusiastic nutritionist, Tamer. The diversity of content, and thorougher expertise gave me such amazing guidelines into new ways of cooking, as well as knowing the nutritional benefits. It was such a unique experience getting to how things are prepared, trying ourselves, and also being involved in group discussions, which made it that more educational. An experience I will never forget.


Tamer presented to a group of business owners on the benefits of a healthy life style.  He focused on the importance of increased energy, alertness and self-esteem would benefit the business owners and ultimately there clients.  Tamer was professional, thought provoking and easy to work with.  I would definitely invite Tamer back for additional presentations.

Patrick Devitt
Financial Centre Manager at Sun Life Financial

Tamer is the best motivator around. Connects with clients and audiences in a straightforward and energetic way that gets people excited about living healthier.

Stephen Price
Vice President and Investment Advisor at Royal Bank of Canada

We first met Tamer as a personal trainer, tennis and holistic nutrition coach. Over the years we have watched him make two substantial documentaries, create a network of loyal clients, host cooking events, give lectures to motivate people to eat more healthily and take an interest in locally produced food whilst learning more about their health inside and out. We have attended a number of these events and have enjoyed learning from him and the people he involves. He is an inspirational speaker and can take a room full of people and truly change their lives. He cares deeply about his topic and the people he works with and it is this combination of knowledge and care which makes him so good at what he does.

Simon & Candy Whicker

I approached Tamer in order to help me lose some weight and improve my fitness generally. Tamer’s knowledge, guidance and expertise are matched only by his enthusiasm and support in helping one reach one’s goals. Tamer’s visits to the house in order to assist with meal planning and ingredients in general were incredibly helpful. Some very simple changes translated into immediate and, more importantly, lasting results extending beyond simple weight loss to a healthier and indeed happier lifestyle. I was hugely impressed by Tamer and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle or simply learn from his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Benjamin Woolf
Appleby Global Cayman, Partner

A fabulous evening combining a great mix of friendship, humour and instruction on the preparation and nutritious values of a 4 course meal. Hosted by good friends providing welcoming cocktails and wine to sip while listening and wetting our appetites on tasty apps and watching the preparation of the next dishes. Very interesting learning about the medicinal properties of the various spices and herbs and smelling the distinct differences between the freshly ground spices.  The main meal with local ingredients was outstanding and full of flavor was consumed around the dinning table. A wonderful chance for good conversation and meeting new friends.  Highly recommend Tamer, whose easy manner and ability to keep everyone interested was also matched by his choice of knowledgeable chef.

Mark & Lindsey Macfee

Tamer’s nutritionist services have been great for a number of client, employee and personal social events. He always brings energy and expertise, and creates a relaxed, fun experience. I thought that The Nutritionist and the Chef In-Home Cooking Classes were his best idea yet and I didn’t hesitate to arrange this as a surprise for my wife’s birthday and a group of friends at our home. Tamer introduced a team of two chefs who walked us through how they prepared every part of an awesome Mexican four-course meal. The menu was nutritionist-approved by Tamer and they all had endless interesting and entertaining stories about the ingredients, health benefits and cooking styles. A really special and unique evening that everyone was blown away by!

Andrew & Danielle Morrison

I have known Tamer for more than 10 years, first as my personal trainer at the Toronto Athletic Club and then as a nutritional adviser, life coach and close friend. Tamer’s calm and caring personality combined with his enthusiasm for nutrition, including a curiosity for the history of cultural eating patterns has made him a leader in his field. I want to see more documentaries from Tamer like Bright Spot to learn more.

Michael Bourassa
Fasken Martineau Toronto, Partner

In November 2014 Tamer attended our Sales Conference and presented to the regional sales team. His presentation entitled “Feuling for Performance” provided this high performing and highly motivated sales team with a new and unique perspective on health, nutrition and wellbeing…and it’s impact on their performance.

Attendee surveys confirmed that Tamer’s presentation was the most popular and well received of the entire three day agenda! Tamer is one of the best professional health and wellness speakers I have ever worked with. He has a tremendously positive outlook that is absolutely infectious and I would highly reccomend him to any sales leader looking to inspire their team!

John D’Amato
Sales Manager – Caribbean. Dominion Securities Global Ltd. RBC Wealth Management

I have been in the financial services business since 1970 managing portfolios for institutional clients, foundations and mutual funds. Staying in good shape is absolutely essential in our high stress profession.  Tamer really knows what he’s doing and I know you will enjoy his talks.

John Braive
Vice Chairman, Global Asset Management Inc.,CIBC

We went to a dinner at which Tamer and a chef prepared an amazing meal with instructions on how to cook each dish and Tamer taught us about their amazing health benefits.  We learnt how to cook tasty hors d’oeuvre, starters and the main dishes which was followed by an incredible sit-down dinner.  What a fun evening with friends, prepared in a friend’s kitchen.  What a great evening!  Best of all it was a healthy meal, prepared with fresh herbs and spices with medicinal properties.

Des & Cathy

Good information, good food and good company – doesn’t get much better than that.

Lori Monk & Kevin Butler

Tamer came to speak to our office about health and wellness. He presented his material very well, was very personable with our staff and answered everyone’s questions thoroughly. Bringing Tamer in was a worthwhile event, that I would recommend to anyone.

Jesse Blanchard
Directeur d’usine/Plant Manager at ENERGI Fenestration Solutions

Tamer’s Nutritionist & Chef Cooking Classes are a fun and fantastic way to spend an evening be it by yourself, with a friend or as a private event in your own home.  Admittedly as a fellow foodie and holistic nutritionist, I am a bit of a food and nutrition nerd, but both my husband (who is not a foodie or nutrition nerd) and I had an equally great evening at Tamer’s event.  His classes are a guaranteed evening of great tastes, entertainment and education, without even knowing you are being educated.  Tamer seamlessly works with and around the chef to share snippets of nutritional, cultural and historical trivia about the ingredients and dishes being served, all the while interacting and connecting with his guests and stopping to answer any questions as they arise.  Hands down one of the best and most informative, as well as fabulously delicious cooking demonstration classes I have ever attended.  And I have attended a few!

Noella Thompson

Tamer and a talented Chef treated us to a great evening with fascinating insights into some classic dishes and the special qualities of the ingredients that go into them. They created a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere for learning new techniques and processes with plenty of laughs along the way. Tamer’s deep knowledge of food culture and nutritional facts impressed us all and greatly enhanced the enjoyment of the delicious food. Bring on the next event, we’ll be there!

Simon & Babs

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