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The Transformation Man

By Tamer Soliman | 14 July 2013 | 0 Comments

In 2005 Vince was 245lbs, unable to get insured and out of shape. Vince started walking home from a grocery store 8 miles from his home 5 days a week. He lost 35lbs over the span of 8 months. Then he started to run 3 miles 2 mornings a week while maintaining his walks. In […]

Buckwheat Not Really Wheat

By Tamer Soliman | 6 July 2013 | 0 Comments

Your generic, classic pancakes are unfortunately bad for you. But don’t be disappointed. Showing up in many restaurants and gluten free friendly spots are Buckwheat pancakes and their wholesomeness. My palate has encountered Buckwheat many times. To me, It’s got an earthy aroma and a really nutty flavour, appetizing to say the least. Try this […]

Inspiring TED talk

By Tamer Soliman | 5 July 2013 | 0 Comments

Peter Attia gave an emotional TED talk and It really resonated with me. It’s about about a few things meaningful, but at the heart of the talk is his encounter with a women who has diabetes and she’s about to get her foot amputated. Check it out here

Giving Back

Find out how your purchases contribute to causes worth caring about