Private Cooking Classes

Healthy fine dining may sound like an oxymoron, but that's exactly what these events are all about. You will experience an evening of healthy dishes prepared by a local chef, and I will be there guiding you through the nutritional value of several ingredients with interesting stories, facts and cooking techniques about the foods you're eating.

What you can expect from the experience:

On top of an evening of entertainment, fun, delicious food and good conversation, you’ll learn:

  • Specific cooking techniques that bring about flavor and nutrition
  • Unique nutritional benefits of ingredients and what they can do for your health
  • How to incorporate local, seasonal ingredients into your cooking, and info on why it’s so important to your health and the environment

Prices start from $100 per person and may vary based on location, number of people and menu.  Please contact me at to work out details and to book your healthy foodie cooking class.

I’ve had so much fun putting these on, and so have my host and guests.  You can read a few testimonials by clicking here.


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